Kimi Creator

Imikimi has left the browser! The new Kimi Creator is desktop app for Windows and Macintosh. Now you can create Kimis with all the power of our popular plugin without the limitations of the web browser. Kimi Creator can be used as a stand-alone image creation tool or to create and upload new Kimis to

Download Kimi Creator:

New in Kimi Creator

All the great features of the Imikimi plugin plus:
  • Full screen editing
  • Extended (UTF) language character support including Japanese, Chinese and many more
  • New, professional color scheme
  • Unlimited kimi size
  • Open and Save Kimis on your computer
  • PNG and JPG export
  • Improved OS Clipboard integration

A Note from Co-Founder Shane Brinkman-Davis

I want to thank all of the Kimi fans for sticking with us throughout the years. We started Imikimi with our full-featured image creation plugin over five years ago. I've loved seeing all the great artwork you've created with it. However, browser plugins are technically difficult to make work well on all platforms. Our number-one feedback was how hard it was to get the Imikimi plugin working. Over a year ago we switched Kimi customizing over to use Adobe Flash, but the Flash tool is limited and doesn't support creating new Kimi-Frames. Kimi Creator takes to core technology in our plugin out of the browser and into a stand-alone app. This makes it much easier to install and more capable. Now we can focus on improving the editor itself rather than spending all our time try to just keep the plugin working. I can't wait to see what you'll make with the new editor.
-Shane Brinkman-Davis (November, 2012)